Nigel Archer Safaris strives to help protect the environment and wilderness areas for future generations. With long-term views towards conservation we focus on making a sustainable difference to local communities and through empowerment of the people, protection of the wildlife and education of the younger generation.

Nigel Archer Safaris prides itself on the low eco-footprint of its mobile and seasonal camps, maximising recycling, using solar power, sourcing local organic produce, and recruiting local staff. In efforts to reduce the global plastic burden, each of our guests are gifted with a personal reusable metal water bottle that not only keeps water cooler for longer and can be easily refilled within our camp and vehicles. When our mobile-tented camps move from one wilderness destination to the next, everything including memories and individual water bottles are taken away and only footprints are left behind.

Nigel Archer Safaris supports health, education and micro-finance projects throughout Kenya. Our generous guests have helped in our initiatives, whether through financial support or donations of school supplies. Patrons continue to make a difference to the communities of East Africa, supporting a number of successful projects include the financial and physical support to build a new secondary school classroom in the Maasai Mara 2019, the allocation of bursaries to support children’s education, provision of fresh clean water for a Maasai community via the construction of a water pipeline and supporting women’s groups to raise their own protected income through the utilisation of their traditional handicraft skills.

Nigel Archer Safaris also supports the efforts of other charities striving to preserve this incredible planet, working with the for the annual Rhino Charge event providing catering services, donations to Seas4life 2019 Cycle4life event.