Creating a safari for our guests means striking the perfect balance between an active and leisurely safari.

Why not consider exploring the surrounding landscape from the back of a horse, or you may prefer to indulge in a morning of deep-sea fishing on the Indian Ocean, discover deserts and spectacular volcanic craters in the north of Kenya by helicopter, or float over the world famous wildebeest migration in a hot air balloon.

Seek adventures on foot to get close to nature, visit rare tribes in remote and wild corners of the country, or choose to unwind from the stresses of everyday life with a massage under the canopy of the African sky.
Why not add one of these superb activities to expand your trip.

balloon safaris

A hot air balloon safari is an awe-inspiring way of experiencing the wilderness of the great outdoors as you gracefully and silently fly over the plains teeming with spectacular and breathtaking nature.
A Hot Air safari typically begins at dawn, about 6 am, and lasts for around 1 hour. The flight is followed by a champagne breakfast “in the bush”.

walking safaris

To really experience the nuances of Africa and add a twist to your safari, why not include a guided bush walk? Experience the sounds, scents, and textures of your safari without the distraction of rumbling vehicle engines. Hear the grassy savannah fronds stirring in the breeze; follow the tracks of the local wildlife; pause a while to watch the busy dung beetle, laboriously pushing her load with her legs. Really get close to nature.

helicopter safaris

Explore wild, spectacular and remote locations, inaccessible by land, untouched and full of hidden geographical wonders; a truly unforgettable experience. Choose to add a scenic helicopter safari to your itinerary or travel in style and transfer between destinations in your very own private helicopter.

cultural safaris

Why not visit a local village where you are privileged to witness an authentic way of life that exists in very few places in today’s world. You may be welcomed into a traditional home to observe meal preparation, familial structure and ancient practices. Experience just a hint of their culture while listening to traditional songs around the campfire and watch demonstrations of their dances. All activities are culturally-sensitive so that your visit has little to no impact on the village and people.